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Underpants Cowboy

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Underpants Cowboy-

A time line-

1450, Mainz, Germany-  After showing up exactly one year late at a crafts and textiles fair and facing financial ruin, Johann Gutenberg goes on to convert moveable typeface and an old wine press into the first printing press.  The first book he prints is the Holy Bible, finished in 1455, and is dubbed the Guttenberg Bible. No relation to Steve.

July 14th, 1789- French Revolutionaries storm the Bastille, a prison known for its use of torture and seen as a symbol of despotism, in effect triggering the French Revolution.

Augus 14th, 1945-  V-J Day.  Allied Forces celebrate victory over Japan, ending WWII in the Pacific Theatre.
On same day, 3-year old James Brown, who would go on to become the Godfather of Soul, says his 
first word: "Underpants!"

1946-1976-  Not much happened. Korean War, Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK splattered, Man walks on moon, blah-blah-blah...

Fevruary 2, 1976-Groundhog's Day. TV's longest running western and show, Gunsmoke, celebrates it's one-year anniversary of cancellation.  On this day, at 3:37 PST, G-Rock and Jimmy Angel are born in Tucson, Arizona, in the same hospital.
Later that day, at 6:37 EST, John "Jed" Arbenz Hazlett, Jr. is born in Wichita, Kansas.  Stranger still,  On this very day, the O'Brien clan, shamed out of Ireland for eating sweet potatoes instead of regular, is en route to their new home in the New World.  At 11:37 Greenich Mean Time, just as the stowaways cross into American waters,  little Matthew Emmet O'Brien is born.

January 30th, 1986-  All four members of Underpants Cowboy meet for the first time, at Superbowl XX.  After the Bears crushed the Patriots, the four young men meet the team, and present them with an impromtu dance. Early next month, the Bears unveil a music video and the "SuperBowl Shuffle."  The four kids are betrayed and forgotten.  But one remembers the pain...

Novermber 1991-President George Herbert Walker Bush appoints William Perry Secretary of Defense.  No relation to Bears great William "The Refrigerator" Perry, but G-Rock hears name and remembers childhood betrayal.  Vows revenge.  Vows to RAWK!!

August 1995- At the first annual Sinbad's Summer Jam Soul Music Festival,  The 'Pants meet again.
Inspired by the soulful '70s groove, vow to form a band the farthest thing from.  Then they all recount stories of how they were duped, drugged and/or bribed to attend.  But all also express deep respect and admiration for Sinbad and his funny pants.

October 12, 1995- Nothing comes of grandios schemes.  No one surprised

May 24, 1996-  Jimmy Angel, Jed, and G-Rock form No, Bobby, No!  Finish dead last in Battle of the Bands.  But first in Fuckin Shit Up.   Matt officially signs pact with Beelzebub.  Enters into service of the Dark Lord.

September 18, 1997-  Jimmy Angel disbands his Kinks coverband, teams with G-Rock and Matt. Jed brought in for additional rythm, soul, and car.

September 20, 1997-  Underpants Cowboy  makes first public performance.  Officially begins to "Rock Your World."

February 23, 1999- G-Rock launches Official Underpants Cowboy Homepage, solidifying the 'Pants in the new medium of the World Wide Web and preparing them for their journey into the Fifth Dimension. There, they will conquer all and will become Masters of All They Survey.

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