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~~~Three Match Breeze~~~

The fastest growing production company in the world!*


We've got our mitts on everything! Music! Magazines! Construction! Web Publishing! Publicity!
See for yourself: Underpants Cowboy  , THE SOUTH POLE  , Greg's Wacky Homepage, 
and this little computer company I started, even though I'm a Mac guy.
Got something you want produced?  Book? Film? Record? Genetically Superior Offspring?  Then by all means, man:
Contact Three Match Breeze !!!


Also to consider:  With the explosion of word of mouth publicity, expect hundreds and hundreds of hits to this site.  You know what that means:  cheap exposure for your  website!

don't miss out on a great opportunity! 

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Remember: That's THREE MATCH BREEZE productions.  To inquire about placing an advertisement, please write to
THREE MATCH BREEZE Productions.  We're hot and we're waiting to hear from YOU!!!

*the "world" of my mind, that is

©1999 Three Match Breeze