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Greg's Wacky Homepage!
 a wacky page by greg
BUT who is this  greg ? click on the link.

right now, though, he's a corporate sell-out. But luckily, not a very successful one.

More than occasionally, I get very bored.  Sometimes I have a computer in front of me.  And when I am in a setting that requires me keeping my pants on, I will often write.  Here are some samples of my less obscene writings, found collectively at THE SOUTH POLE

And since i'm cleaing out old pictures, here's  another picture of the Largest Arms in the World.

Since I have nothing too wacky here yet, why don't you try here!

here's some links to some musical interests:  matador records, drag city, Home of Luna,
  and, what the hell, a familial consideration

And for some leisure reading, you should check out the various writings of The Gus

Well, that's all I got for now. If you have any comments, questions, or various obscenities , drop me a line

©1999 Three Match Breeze

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