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The South Pole

" If you're at the South Pole, anywhere else you go is up!"

writings by:


The Bazaar-  my collection of children's tales.

What the hell kinda school is this?  Weeping for the future: A true, first-person account of teaching public school kindergarten.

The Sandwich-  Inspired during a trip to Subway, while fantasizing (though by no means hoping for) a brother's demise.

Heaven, Hell and Squirrels-  Random thoughts on the tired subject of salvation.

A Lot of Pretty Is Bad-  Much like Fire.  (as in, --> Fire. . . BAAAAAD!!!)

Daily Aggravations and Regrets-   Along with random thoughts

Jimmy Angel

Howard P. Wrinkle, Madman  Go in sane, come out insane!

Tales of a little boy named James- why you shouldn't talk to strangers. Or at least strangers named James

mail Jimmy Angel at:

If you are someone you know has been injured in an accident... well, sorry.  But if you have comments about this page or anything you've written that you haven't been able to publish and would just like to share, mail 'em to me. 'cause there's a 99.4% chance I'll put it here to fill up space.  So give in.  Or as they say, submit.

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