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 These Are Our  'Pants...

Performance pictures:

  Nice pants! Playing to a non-existent crowd. With Oneida and Mao Tse Helen. Photo by Liz O'Bynrne or Anne Hazlett.  (I forget which. It doesn't matter, but lI like to give credit where credit is due.)

The last show, May 26th, 1998,Lexington, VA, with 
 the Larry Keel Experience.  Photo taken by Dan Rushing


May 26th. Giving the secret satan sign, or evil hand.  L-R:  Demon Boy, Jimmy, Jed, G-Rock.  I think that's cigarette smoke in the picture, or a ghost. Photo by Dan Rushing.  So probably smoke.

A few B&W shots taken for the hell of it, in pretentious rock star fashion-

  a faux "j crew" shot of the band. L-R G-Rock., Jimmy, Demon, Jed
Photos taken by Eric Ginnis

In action! ...well, it seemed like a good idea at the time...

Pretentious, but a cool picture. Very symmetrical and balanced, it I do say so myself.
L-R:  Jimmy Angel, Demon Boy, G-Rock, Jed

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