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                 Greg's Wacky Homepage!
                                        a wacky page by greg   

BUT who is this "GREG" ? 
right now, he's a corporate sell-out. But luckily, not a very successful one.
What does he do? What is he like?
THE SOUTH POLE-More than occasionally, I get very bored.  Sometimes I have a computer in front of me.  And when I am in a setting that requires me keeping my pants on, I will often write.  Here are some samples of my less obscene writings, along with a (soon to be) host of others worth a read.

Underpants Cowboy - It ain't easy being in the Greatest Rock Band In The World.  Fortunately, we ain't it.

Three Match Breeze- A place of our own.  The fastest growing production company hosted on Greg's Page!! Sign on! Send money! Get "produced!"

Audio Fun:
HO!!!!- some rather humorous audio outtakes from your favorite show and mine, THUNDERCATS!!!

Random Links:  Stuff of interest

The Onion- One of the funniest things out there.

here's some links to some musical interests:  matador records, drag city, Home of Luna, and, what the hell, a familial consideration

And for some leisure reading, you should check out the various writings of The Gus

Shameless pictures of myself on the web:greg "the Model"   and The Largest Arms in the World

Well, that's all I got for now. If you have any comments, questions, or various obscenities , drop me a line

©1999 Three Match Breeze

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